New bass player

Eclipse welcomes Peter Harvey into the band on bass guitar. Peter comes from a strong rock/pop covers band back ground, however he now feels ready to broaden his musical horizons and has decided to throw himself into Pink Floyd.

Peter is fairly new to Floyd only really getting into them seriously since the Floyd’s monumental performance at Live 8, and as such has enjoyed delving deep into their material as well as the early Pre-Darkside material required to play in Eclipse. He joins at a key time as we’re currently in rehearsal for our up-coming show at Needingworth Village Hall, and his enthusiasm and eagerness to be a part of this project is partially what got him the job. That and his sense of humour.

Warm-up gigs

We’re currently looking for some suitable small’ish venues to play before and after Christmas around the Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridge area. These shows will give us a chance to “road-test” the material ahead of our larger shows planned for later next year. None of the warm-up shows will include the “bells & whistles” that you’d expect from a Pink Floyd gig like flying pigs, however they will feature lighting etc.

Therefore, these warm-ups will suit a larger pub or club (big enough for a five piece band). If you’re a venue that’s interested in booking the band please contact us via the contact page on this website.