St. neots UPDATE

There have been some changes in the concert that was rescheduled for 9th April 2022.

Eclipse are now playing at St. Neots rugby club on 2 dates.

25th Sept 2021
9th April 2022

Tickets purchased for the original date of 11th April 2020 will be valid for BOTH these dates. This will give you flexibility to choose which date you prefer to attend. We’re really sorry about the confusion with this, but we’re having to make arrangements to work around possible restrictions due to the pandemic. We hope you understand.

New Website Header

A good friend of mine of a few years recently travelled to Cambridgeshire, and whilst there had to drive past a well known Floyd landmark….. Ely Cathedral. he took a photo of the cathedral more or less from the same position and direction as the Division Bell album cover. he’s allowed us to use this photo as a website header..

Many thanks to Andy Rotherham

Andy is a musician. guitar builder and repairer and sometime roadie for Marillion He’s also a speaker, blogger and champion for Autism.

You can find out more about Andy by clicking here