Eclipse – The Pink Floyd Tribute, is the culmination of four years planning between Andy Betts and Rob Neal the bands technical guru, with the intention of this Pink Floyd tribute to cover the bands whole career from 1967 to 2014, and to present the songs as faithfully as we can to how they were originally performed on the original tours and live performances, to give you a totally immersive experience.

Andy has been into Pink Floyd for more years than he can remember, and has also been in a few Floyd tributes over the years to know that he’s bored with the current trend in Pink Floyd tributes all playing the same material based around the Pulse concert, this isn’t to detract from some of those bands as there’s some fantastic Floyd tributes out there. We just feel there’s room for an alternative approach. It’s this thought that brought Andy and Richard Lewis together, both sharing the same common goal.
Don’t get us wrong, we love all of Pink Floyd’s material but Andy’s been saying for years (probably about twenty or so) that the early years between 1967 and 1972 always get overlooked. It’s taken Nick Mason himself with his excellent Saucerful of Secrets project to prove that Andy was right all these years and there’s honestly a craving by Pink Floyd fans to hear all the material including the early pre-Dark Side stuff…… Not just the “popular songs”. The same can also be said for the largely overlooked Final Cut album which rarely if ever gets an outing by any Floyd tribute bands.

The band are currently working on developing 4 different shows that cover Pink Floyds whole career, from the early psychedelic era with The Piper At The Gates of Dawn and Saucerful of Secrets, right upto 1994’s Division Bell album. If you’re a hardened Pink Floyd fan who loves all their material including the early and obscure material you’ll love these shows, however if you’re just a casual fan who’s only heard Pulse, The Division Bell or The Wall you need to see these shows…. They will take you on a journey.

The band currently cover material from the following albums:

  • Piper At The Gates of Dawn
  • Saucerful of Secrets
  • Ummagumma
  • Atom Heart Mother
  • More
  • Obscured By Clouds
  • Meddle
  • Dark Side of The Moon
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Animals
  • The Wall
  • The Division Bell

Andy Betts – Guitar/Vocals/MD

Andy started playing guitar at the age of 13, and later studied guitar at The Musicians Institute in London. Andy first discovered Pink Floyd in the late 70’s when he heard Animals for the first time, since then he hasn’t looked back. With a long history of live work and recording work in and around London he has notched up a fairly impressive amount of experience ranging from playing for a Cèilidh folk band, New Wave Post Punk bands, Progressive Rock bands and also Pink Floyd Tributes. It’s playing for the various Pink Floyd tributes that he feels he really excels, being a bit anal for detail, and analysis of the material being very high regarding reproducing how the original songs were played.

Aside from his work with Eclipse, Andy is also available for sessions & deps. For more information visit his web site

Andy plays an American Fender “Black Strat” replica, Candy Apple Red Stratocaster with EMG pickup system, 59 telecaster custom, and various Yamaha & Ovation acoustics, as well as mandolin and lapsteel

Richard Lewis – Guitar /Vocals

Richard has been a Floyd fan since he first heard Dark Side Of The Moon at age 13, diving deeper into the band’s catalogue through albums such as Relics, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and Animals.He got his first guitar a couple of years later, the first thing he learned being the opening riff to Interstellar Overdrive. Since then he’s played in numerous bands including Cambridge psychedelic outfit The Penny Blacks, as well as performing solo.

Richard plays a 1987 Fender American Standard Strat, a Japanese Fender Telecaster and a variety of acoustics including a Takamine EF381sc 12 string for THAT song…

Michelangelo Biagiotti – Keyboards/Samples

Michelangelo (or Mike as he’s known in the band) is a professional pianist with many years of experience in live performance and teaching. He started playing the piano when he was 7 and has never looked back. He studied Classical Music and graduated in Piano at the Conservatory of Perugia (Italy). He also studied Jazz and over the years has played in Jazz big bands, Jazz ensembles such as trios, quartets and quintets. Being a huge Pink Floyd fan, on his arrival in the UK from Italy he joined Eclipse to help bring the bands new slant on a Pink Floyd show to the wider audience.

Secondary to his job in Eclipse, he’s also available for private lessons if you reside in the Cambridge area. At home he enjoys recording music. He also teaches in primary, secondary and private schools. He can also coordinate bands, events and concerts.

Martin Pointon – Drums/Percussion

Martin has been playing drums since the age of 10. He studied drums at Musician’s Institute (PIT), graduating in 1994. After a brief stint as a professional, he did what all respectable musicians do and got a job in IT where he’s still located 25 years later. Nevertheless, in his spare time, Martin focuses on his drums, these days uploading instructional videos to YouTube to help other players improve their musicianship. He’s also a solo glider pilot but the bank says he has to shelve doing that for now.

A versatile and eclectic player, Martin enjoys musical challenges from all genres of music and an opportunity to join a tribute to one of his favourite bands of all time was too good to turn down. Martin also attended the same sixth form college that some of the Pink Floyd members did although not at the same time!

Peter Harvey – Bass Guitar

Peter only started playing when he was 18 because his mate wanted to do battle of the bands at the posh sixth form they went to, which they won 😁. Peter has been in a few bands since then, including a ska band but mostly rock and pop covers etc… he’s toured the lower budget holiday parks of England and met some amazing people dressed as dinosaurs!… His favourite bands are The Who, The Rolling Stones, Queen and obviously Pink Floyd, and he even holds a secret love for U2 (ssshhhh). Peter also enjoys classical music, especially film scores but does get rather excited for the classics from Last Night of The Proms.

Peters musical training/ teaching goes as far as being forced to sing ABBA songs when he was 12 at school which he feels has permanently left a negative effect on his vocal ability! He hasn’t been as nervous as he was for his Eclipse audition since taking his A levels and realising that at least some study probably would have gone a long way.

He does feel that if you’re totally stuck whilst playing, sliding up and down the whole fretboard will surely hit the right note eventually, maybe twice if you’re super lucky 🤣🤣🤣

Supporting musicians

Tim Walpole – Saxophone

Tim started off as a guitarist, beginning with a half-sized acoustic when he was 7. He’s been in many bands and collaborations since then, leaning towards the rockier side of things whenever he can turn his amp up to 11. After he decided to learn the saxophone, he played his first song live with his band exactly one month after picking up the sax for the first time. No-one was injured, and so he decided to carry on, much to the irritation of his dog Jasper, whose mission in life appears to be to attack and destroy all saxophones.

Tim first came across Pink Floyd when he heard Dark Side, still one of his favourite Floyd albums and where he first heard the saxophone wonder that is Dick Parry…

Wherever possible, Tim wears his “Sax Hat” when playing, because he is convinced it has a positive effect on his tone, plus it keeps his head warm at outside gigs.