Andy has been into Pink Floyd for more years than he can remember, and has also been in a few Floyd tributes over the years to know that he’s bored with the current trend in Pink Floyd tributes all playing the same material based around the Pulse concert, this isn’t to detract from some of those bands as there’s some fantastic Floyd tributes out there. We just feel there’s room for an alternative approach.
Don’t get us wrong, we love all of Pink Floyd’s material but Andy’s been saying for years (probably about twenty or so) that the early years between 1967 and 1972 always get overlooked. It’s taken Nick Mason himself with his excellent Saucerful of Secrets project to prove that Andy was right all these years and there’s honestly a craving by Pink Floyd fans to hear all the material including the early pre-Dark Side stuff…… Not just the “popular songs”. The same can also be said for the largely overlooked Final Cut album which rarely if ever gets an outing by any Floyd tribute bands.

Andy Betts – Guitar/Vocals/MD

Andy started playing guitar at the age of 13, and later studied guitar at The Musicians Institute in London. Andy first discovered Pink Floyd in the late 70’s when he heard Animals for the first time, since then he hasn’t looked back. With a long history of live work and recording work in and around London he has notched up a fairly impressive amount of experience ranging from playing for a Cèilidh folk band, New Wave Post Punk bands, Progressive Rock bands and also Pink Floyd Tributes. It’s playing for the various Pink Floyd tributes that he feels he really excels, being a bit anal for detail, and analysis of the material being very high regarding reproducing how the original songs were played.

Aside from his work with Eclipse, Andy is also available for sessions & deps. For more information visit his web site

Andy plays an American Fender “Black Strat” replica, Candy Apple Red Stratocaster with EMG pickup system, 59 telecaster custom, and various Yamaha & Ovation acoustics, as well as mandolin and lapsteel