Firstly, if you’re here reading this thank you! It means a lot to know you’ve signed up as a follower to the band and are interested in the bands future.

I formed Eclipse 3 years ago with the intention of creating a Floyd tribute that was a little different to all the others. It was quite clear to me that all the other tributes perform the songs as they are on the albums, which is great, but I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to perform the songs as they were performed live, which in many cases were very different to the studio versions, sometimes including extra verses, extra guitar parts etc. And in some cases, extra songs not on the original studio release. I also wanted to cover the early years from the Barrett era, through the Saucerful, Obscured by Clouds and More eras. Not just focusing on the “popular” albums. I think in the last 3 years we pretty much covered that brief, even though we only played 1 gig, which was very disappointing…. Damned Covid!!

Without going into too much detail, even though I was the founding member of the band my place in it became untenable due to influences out of my control. I’ll say now, I never had a cross word with any of the band members per se and still have a lot of time for all of them as friends, it was “the others” as they saying goes. That being the case I decided to leave the band, and was fortunate to take the name with me. So, Eclipse is still a going concern. The remainder of the band as far as I know are doing their own thing.

With all that detritus out of the way, on to business.

I’m looking for a second guitarist, bass player and drummer initially that are interested in joining Eclipse, the caveat being we likely won’t start rehearsals until the new year, possibly February due to personal priorities. However, if you’re interested in getting involved and help get this thing back up and running send me a PM, or an email at and we can at least start talking about plans and expectations.

The prerequisites for this are simple.

• You must love pink Floyd – A bit obvious really, but I’m talking about the whole back catalogue….. Not just Pulse or Dark Side of The Moon.

• You must be professional with an attitude to match – I don’t mean professional insofar as it’s your living, I mean in your approach. You won’t be earning a shitload of money out of this band to begin with.

• You must have good gear – Not meaning to be insensitive, but there’s no point in turning up with a 20 watt practice amp.

• If you’re a bass player vocals are a must, including harmonies etc.

• If you’re a guitarist vocals are a must, including harmonies etc.

• If you’re a drummer you must be able to work to a click track

• Ability to record at home (not essential, but is a good thing to have)

• Transport – Goes without saying

• Based in Suffolk/Cambridge

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