Needingworth Filming & Band update

All of you that have purchased tickets for the Needingworth concert need to be aware that we may be filming and audio recording it for future promotional use. With this in mind, we must draw your attention to the fact that you’re image may well be captured during the filming.

By attending the concert you are agreeing to the above.

Secondly, rehearsals are in full swing for the concert, and things are starting to ramp up in readiness for the gig. We have literally 2 rehearsals left, one studio rehearsal and a production rehearsal the week before the concert. Are we ready?? As ready as we’ll ever be.

The setlist for this concert has been chosen to cover as many eras of Pink Floyd as possible, A showcase of our favourite pieces. It covers the early Syd Barrett era, upto and including The Wall…… But not beyond. If you’re a die hard fan, you’ll be surprised by a couple of choices, and if you’re a casual fan you’ll also be pleased. There’s something for everybody.

Heads up!! There’s NO ROUND SCREEN at this concert. the reason for this is simple… We haven’t got one yet. Our tech man Rob Neal is beavering away creating screen films for the band, a lot of these screen films are going to be in Hi-Res and totally unique to Eclipse. You won’t see anything like them anywhere else. We hope to be in a position to integrate these films into our show by Autumn next year.

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